/Should You Choose BitWorms?

Should You Choose BitWorms?

Every person who gets interested in the Forex market has to go through a lot of trouble to find a legitimate and trustworthy website where they will be able to learn and improve skills. Things get complicated from the moment you see how many websites there are and all of them have some promises that sound attractive.

To make this process easier for you, we take time and inspect the service of every site that looks like it could be a good option for improving your knowledge. On today’s menu, we have BitWorms. A website with a long tradition that is well-known and respected among clients. It’s time to dive into this BitWorms review, and see what this website offers that has gained the interest of so many people around the world.


Quality of Service

BitWorms offers multiple courses and you can choose them based on the knowledge and experience you already have. The first course is Starter and this one is created for Forex beginners, which means that trading with bws22.com help will be much easier in the future. Here you will learn fundamentals of trading, one eBook, three introduction courses, market news and live signals. The price is 249 EUR, which is great for people who want to learn and get introduced to the market.

The next one is Advanced and here you will have three eBooks, five introduction courses, two advanced courses, market news, live signals and economic calendar. As you can see, in this course you will have advanced lessons, so it’s not exactly for beginners. You will need a little bit of experience if you want to enrol in this one. 

Pro Course is the next, and most popular one according to BitWorms. There are five eBooks, full introduction to courses, two advanced courses, market news, live signals, economic calendar and trends. The price of this course is 890 EUR and honestly speaking, this is an excellent deal, since you will learn a lot if you choose the Pro one.

Lastly, there is an Alpha Course that costs 1050 EUR. This course is created for traders who already have experience and they just want to improve it. If you choose it, you will have full access to eBooks, full access to introduction courses, full access to advanced courses, market news, live signals, economic calendar, trends, trading charts, and daily analysis video.

As you can see, BitWorms offers excellent courses that cover everybody, no matter the experience. Basically, you get a great place for learning and continuously improving your skills.


Speed of Response

If you consider BitWorms as a place where you want to learn about the Forex market, one of the things you want to have is responsive customer support. You never know what can happen, so it’s important to have someone who will help you in case of any errors.

Here, you will find support that is active almost all day. So, if you need something you will receive it the same day. There are four different methods for contact and you can send a message using an online form or email. There is also an option to use their phone number and if you prefer to talk, instead of typing the message, you can call them.

We prefer to chat with someone, rather than talking on the phone and that’s why we chose an online form. It’s convenient, you can simply add details, and type the message. Since we sent a message within the working hours, we got a reply within an hour, which is great. The answer contained all details that we had to know and we didn’t need to send additional messages. Apparently, bws22.com provides not only good service quality but responsive support as well.


As soon as you decide which course you want and add your credit card, you will be able to start learning. Of course, there are multiple options for payment and you can use Credit Card, Interac or Trustly. Everything is instant, no matter what you choose, it’s all about your convenience.

Also, there is one thing that we liked a lot — 14 days money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with something simply make a request and money will be back on your account. This is a perfect way to show how certain they are in the courses and also it adds a dose of safety for every client. There is no need to worry that you will lose money.


Our overall impressions about BitWorms are positive and after in-depth research, we can totally recommend this website. You will have good lessons and tutorials and most importantly, everything is safe and secured. So, to conclude — is BitWorms a scam? Not at all, this is a legitimate website for learning everything about trading and the Forex market.